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Joining the Third Party Neutral Panel

The Foundation provides a distinguished panel of third party neutrals, with appropriate experience, capability and specialization from which parties may make a fully informed choice.

Persons wishing to be considered as panel members should contact the Foundation and request an application form to complete and submit. Upon receipt, the form is submitted to the Standards and Criteria Committee for its review, based upon the Mediators' and Arbitrators' Criteria. Applicants are informed of the decision of the Committee. Those who are considered to meet the criteria are admitted to the panel to the next scheduled date (to December 31, 1999) by which the Committee intends to conduct a comprehensive review of the working of the panel.

Accessing the Third Party Neutral Panel

If you wish to access the panel, contact us and provide:

  • an outline of the nature of the dispute,
  • the names of parties,
  • the lawyers (if any) acting for each party, and
  • the approximate value of the dispute.

You should also specify the characteristics of the neutral whom you are seeking:

  • Is it an arbitrator or mediator?
  • Do you wish someone with legal training?
  • Do you wish the person to have experience in the area of the dispute?
  • Where you seek a mediator, is experience of process more important than knowledge of the are of the dispute?
  • Do you wish a local person to act or is that not important?

We will conduct a search of the Foundation’s database and provide a list of approximately five names, together with copies of the completed third party neutral application and resume, as appropriate.

The person requesting access to the panel makes the choice of third party neutral, and negotiates fees with the panelist chosen.

The Foundation seeks feedback (in a manner which respects confidentiality) on the performance of the mediator and the outcome of the ADR process. Please contact us.



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