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The Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution provides a variety of services which include:

  1. a distinguished roster of "neutrals" with appropriate experience, capability and specialization from which parties may make a fully-informed choice;
  2. training and a clearinghouse for resource materials for those at the frontlines of disputes - business clients, in-house lawyers and private-practice lawyers - through conferences, in-house seminars, training materials, model procedures and model clauses;
  3. dispute-audit consulting to assess the suitability of various alternative dispute resolution techniques to a particular dispute;
  4. dispute-resolution "emissary" facilitation to demonstrate - in the context of a particular dispute - the value of appropriate alternative dispute resolution options to parties who may be unfamiliar with the potential benefits;
  5. independent "early-neutral evaluation" to enable corporations to assess the merits of a particular dispute and alternative cost scenarios;
  6. for corporate members a free alternative dispute resolution systems design consultation with a specialist to assist in the design of conflict management systems;
  7. for law firm members a two hour seminar, at a modest fee, to assist them to maximize the opportunity for alternative dispute resolution, including the drafting of alternative dispute resolution clauses; and
  8. administrative services - such as helping to formulate case-specific agreements on ground rules or procedures, arranging for meeting facilities and ensuring the overall integrity of the dispute-resolution process.



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The Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution