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The Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution is a nonprofit alliance of business corporations and law firms in Canada working together to promote the creative resolution of business disputes.


Mission and Objectives

The objectives of the Foundation include:

  1. promoting awareness of the full range of alternative dispute resolution techniques for commercial disputes;
  2. encouraging corporations and law firms to take a leadership role in demonstrating the value of alternative dispute resolution and integrating it into the mainstream of business practices;
  3. promoting the adoption of a corporate policy statement which commits signatory corporations to consider alternative dispute resolution processes in appropriate cases, willingly and prior to beginning litigation; and,
  4. promoting the adoption of a law firm policy statement to encourage signatory law firms to demonstrate a commitment to alternative dispute resolution capability in advising clients and assisting them in reaching cost-effective resolution of business disputes.

Distinctiveness of the Foundation

The Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution differs from most other organizations focusing on alternative dispute resolution. It does not provide professional mediation or arbitration services; rather it assists those needing such services to find appropriately qualified neutrals. The Foundation’s mission, objectives and services have a particularly distinctive "user-focus".

Foundation Services

The Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution provides a variety of services which include;

  1. a distinguished roster of "neutrals" with appropriate experience, capability and specialization from which parties may make a fully-informed choice;
  2. training and a clearinghouse for resource materials for those at the frontlines of disputes — business clients, in-house lawyers and private-practice lawyers — through conferences, in-house seminars, training materials, model procedures and model clauses;
  3. dispute-audit consulting to assess the suitability of various alternative dispute resolution techniques to a particular dispute;
  4. dispute-resolution "emissary" facilitation to demonstrate — in the context of a particular dispute — the value of appropriate alternative dispute resolution options to parties who may be unfamiliar with the potential benefits;
  5. independent "early-neutral evaluation" to enable corporations to assess the merits of a particular dispute and alternative cost scenarios;
  6. for corporate members a free alternative dispute resolution systems design consultation with a specialist to assist in the design of conflict management systems;
  7. for law firm members a two hour seminar, at a modest fee, to assist them to maximize the opportunity for alternative dispute resolution, including the drafting of alternative dispute resolution clauses; and
  8. administrative services — such as helping to formulate case-specific agreements on ground rules or procedures, arranging for meeting facilities and ensuring the overall integrity of the dispute-resolution process.



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The Canadian Foundation for Dispute Resolution