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Millennium Accord
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Any company or other organisation which is willing publicly to support the Principles can sign the Declaration of Support and become an Accord Signatory.

The Declaration is not a legally binding commitment but is intended to be:

  • a public statement of commitment to problem-solving rather than problem-escalation
  • a recognition that many technology systems are not stand-alone but linked to networks stretching well beyond the company or organisation itself - and in many cases, well beyond national borders.

Please print the following Declaration of Support form (or download word document (247kB) or pdf document (45kB) and print), fill in detail, sign, and either fax or mail to Business ADR at -

Business ADR
112 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1K9
Tel: (416) 603-9444
Fax: (416) 307-0011

Declaration of Support for the

We: ________________________________________("the Accord Signatory")
(company name)

and our subsidiary or affiliate companies listed on the attachment,

of ______________________________________________________________



support dealing with any millennium problem on the basis that:

  • a millennium problem is a mutual problem not a competitive opportunity;
  • a mutual problem may be solved faster and more cost-effectively by communication and co-operation rather than confrontation;
  • timely dispute prevention is preferable to retrospective redress;
  • communication and co-operation enhance timely dispute prevention;
  • any difference or dispute ought to be resolved without resort to adjudicative resolution methods ("ARMs" - eg litigation or arbitration) by using the Millennium Accord Procedure ("the Accord Procedure").

If, however, an Accord Signatory does resort to ARMs it should immediately initiate the Accord Procedure to run concurrently and, if feasible, stay the proceedings pending the outcome of the Accord Procedure.

A "millennium problem" is any problem arising out of the failure of technology systems to cope with the millennium transition, up to, during and beyond the year 2000.

This declaration is not intended to create legally binding obligations, or to override any obligations of a professional adviser to its client.

Signed: _________________________  Dated ________________________

Director, for and on behalf of




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